HIGH SCHOOL NORMALITY contains strong language and some themes not suitable for audiences under 17. Viewer discretion is advised.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Season One Recap

The season premiere is just weeks away!

So it's time for a refresher course on Season One!

The first season of HIGH SCHOOL NORMALITY started with a phone call from Mark Adams, who had to tell David of his latest hook-up. The next day, David, Mark, and their two other friends, Michael Florence and Aaron Stanwick, convene at The Coffee Plantation, a local coffee shop where the boys spend a lot of time. While there, David feels love at first sight when he sees a mysterious girl who works there and refuses to wear a name tag. When David gets home, we are introduced to his tumultuous home life and the idea that he is not close to his family.

A couple weeks later, the boys audition for regional choir, but while they are there, they see the last person they expected--the Coffee Plantation girl, whose name, we learn, is Joy Harris. As David is about to make his move, Joy is called into the audition room, and David is left disappointed in himself.

Another week passes by and the boys arrive at the Coffee Plantation again. David still hasn't talked to Joy, but that's the last thing on the boys' minds when Mark jumps under the table to hide from Faye Winston, a girl who has just walked in. After recounting his story of how his "escapade" with her, how he was in love with her, and how she had a boyfriend at the time, he reveals that he is a virgin. While Mark is still hidden under the table, Faye walks over to the guys and asks Michael if he is still friends with him, to which Michael says yes and David and Aaron introduce themselves. As Faye begins to rant about how much Mark missed by not sleeping with her, Joy comes to the rescue by telling her where the counter is to buy some coffee. After Faye leaves, David thanks Joy for helping and, in the process, Joy asks him out for Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately, sometimes plans don't work out. The night before their date, Joy calls and tells David that she has to cancel because no one would trade shifts with her. David says that it's alright and that they'll just have to reschedule it. David calls Michael for guidance, and Michael comes up with a plan to bring Valentine's Day to her. The boys arrive at the Coffee Plantation during Joy's shift and sing "For the Longest Time" to her, which earns David a kiss.

Meanwhile, Michael's on-again/off-again girlfriend, Leslie Lawrence is furious at Michael for cancelling their Valentine's Day plans, even though they are not dating at the moment. After he gets off the phone, Michael, Aaron, and Mark leave so that David can get ready for his first official date with Joy. He picks her up and they have some laughs in the car, listening to Coldplay and talking about life. When they get to the restaurant, however, the mood changes when Joy asks him about his family. He explains that there is a lot of personal stuff there that he can't talk about, but she backfires saying that if they're going to be in a relationship they need to be able to talk about things. He is taken aback because it is their first date, and he wasn't aware that first dates included unloading family baggage. Joy asks David to take her home. On his way home, David realizes how badly he screwed up and when he gets home, he calls Joy and explains how his mom is a receptionist, his dad lost his job in the recession, his 29 year-old sister pays the rent, and his 13 year-old brother is full of angst. Because his parents fight all the time, he has become detached from them.

A few weeks later, David has dinner with Joy and her parents. Aaron tells David that it won't be long before Joy asks to meet his, and to David's surprise, Aaron is right. Dinner is actually not bad at all, until David answers the door and is served lawsuit papers for his father regarding two thousand dollars owed to a woman named Lucy Greer. Joy senses the awkwardness and asks to be taken home. David tells her about the situation and explains to her that his dad really isn't a bad guy, just bad with money. He asks her not to let his father's past shape her opinion of the man, and she responds that she will love David's father just like she loves David.

David is taken aback by Joy's revelation, and says to her that he wants to make sure he means it before he says he loves her too and goes home. When he tells the boys about it, Mark responds by saying that you can't control love, to which Aaron reasons that Mark is still in love with Faye Winston. That night, David calls Joy and she invites him over to have sex with her. David comes over and while he gets undressesd, he realizes that having sex isn't a good idea. While they watch a movie, David realizes that he does love Joy and tells her so. When he gets home, his parents are fighting about the Lucy Greer lawsuit, and his mom tells David that he needs to get a job.

As David balances searching for a job, writing his annual column for the school paper, and hanging out with the boys, Mark tells them that he slept with Faye the previous night. While they all take turns telling Mark how much of an idiot he is, Aaron notices a "Help Wanted" sign over at the UPS Store. He receives an app from Jim, the manager of the store. He fills out the application and gives it back to Jim. When he gets home, David's mom reminds him that he needs to keep being aggressive so he gets a job. David talks to Joy on the phone in front of his mom and ends the conversation with "I love you," which makes his mom relatively uncomfortable. Later that day, David gets a call from Mark, who is crying on the other end. David immediately goes over to Mark's house, where Mark tells him that Faye, once again, wouldn't leave her boyfriend for him. David calls Joy to cancel their date so that he can call Michael and Aaron to go to dinner and a bad movie in order to cheer Mark up. On the way, David stops at the UPS Store, where he is offered a job.

David's first day at the UPS Store is busy, but he is really enjoying his work. He goes over to the Coffee Plantation to take Joy home, and on the way she tells him that her best friend, Jamie, is moving to Arizona. David wonders how having Jamie there will affect his relationship with Joy, but ultimately decides that it probably won't. After two months working at the UPS Store, Jim gives David a day off. Upon heading over to the Coffee Plantation, he sees a very attractive guy seemingly hitting on Joy, but it turns out that the guy is Jamie. Joy suggests that the boys take Jamie out to lunch, where Jamie reveals that Joy has had sex before. But before David can say anything, he receives a call from his mom, who tells him he needs to come home right away. When he gets there, he is told that his father left. Joy calls him later asking why he had to leave lunch early, but he says that it's nothing, turning the attention to Jamie's comment about Joy having sex. She tells David that they lost their virginities to each other when they were 14.

Every day, David is becoming more annoyed with Jamie, especially with prom coming up and Joy telling David that they needed to find Jamie a date. Not knowing who else to ask, he asks Leslie, who goes under the pretense that Michael will be jealous. Michael is not happy that Jamie will be taking Leslie to prom, but pretends that he doesn't care. Meanwhile, Mark asks out freshman Leanne James, the JV Girls' Soccer MVP. Leslie suggests that they all have a potluck at David's before prom, a request to which David's mom says yes. On the limo ride there, Jamie makes it clear to Michael that he plans on having sex with Leslie, which further angers him. After some dancing, Joy asks David if he wants to get a room, so he asks Mark if they could borrow the hotel room he had on reserve. While they are in the room, Mark tells off Faye Winston and Michael tells Leslie that he loves her. Right as David and Joy are about to seal the deal, Joy confesses that her and Jamie kissed recently, prompting David to finally tell her about his dad leaving. David realizes that he can't trust her and breaks up with her. Messily dressed, David goes down to the dance floor and punches Jamie in the face. Everyone heads back to the limo except for Jamie, Joy, and Leanne (who is also the slut of the soccer team). David tells them all everything that happened and when he gets home, there are cop cars outside. He gets out and the limo drives away before David sees his mom getting arrested for the Lucy Greer lawsuit. David decides to go find his father so he can straighten things out. But his plans are foiled when he is T-Boned while making a left on a green light.

Last season started with a phone call and ended with a crash. How will this season start?

And how will it end?

Find out this season on HIGH SCHOOL NORMALITY.
Premieres August 2009