HIGH SCHOOL NORMALITY contains strong language and some themes not suitable for audiences under 17. Viewer discretion is advised.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Series Introduction

My name is David, and I'm a normal high school student.

Welcome to Summit Peak High School, where David Adler is a junior. While David is constantly on his search for self-discovery, trying also to be as normal as possible, his three best friends are always there to keep him up on his feet.

Michael Florence is handsome, smart, and extremely philosophical. He pushes many people away because he is afraid that he is not ready for close relationships.

Mark Adams is the "player" of the group. His hook-up stories are often a laugh for the group because of how ridiculus some of them are, but when he really likes a girl, his entire history of being a player escapes him and he forgets how to act. His heart gets broken often, leading him to continue using his "other head" to think.

Aaron Stanwick is a Morman whose ultimate goal in life is to keep Mark in check. He is always there for his friends, even though his beliefs often get in the way of his sentimentality.

Through the events portrayed in the blog, we will see that high school is anything but normal, and that David, as hard as he tries to avoid it, will find many bumps in the road, including love, loss, and complex homework assignments.

Keep an eye out for Season One!

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