HIGH SCHOOL NORMALITY contains strong language and some themes not suitable for audiences under 17. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Season Two Preview #2 - New Characters

NEXT SEASON ON HIGH SCHOOL NORMALITY, everything will change...

And not only with David and his friends, but with everyone else too.

Including a few new faces:

Steve Weiss is a free spirit who works at The UPS Store. He hates authority and his outrageous attire always poses questions among everyone.

Lupe Gonzales is the sexy new girl in choir who Mark feels is destined to sleep with him, although she may be looking at another.

Callie Anderson is a seemingly-sweet girl from Toronto who has joined the staff of The Summit Sentinel.

Mallory Wales, or Mal for short, is a punk girl who has just transferred to Summit Peak and is very secretive about her past.
And no one is as they appear.

Find out the real deal next season on HIGH SCHOOL NORMALITY!
Premieres August 2009

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